The comprehensive LEP review is structured under the following key themes:

- City Excellence: Promoting design excellence, place creation and economic growth within the Town Centre.

- Burwood North Precinct: Delivery urban renewal outcomes associated with the PRCUTS and Sydney Metro.

- Procedural Amendments: General updates reflecting legislative or other administrative changes.

A report will be considered at the 26 April Council meeting on the Comprehensive LEP issues and options. The agenda for this can be viewed here.

A number of background studies will need to be prepared prior to the finalisation of the Planning Proposal, particularly in relation to the review of the Burwood North Precinct. These studies will inform the Planning Proposal and will include:

Place Strategy will guide redevelopment in the Burwood North Precinct. The Place Strategy will build on the economic feasibility testing to and will identify appropriate planning and urban design principles and strategies to encourage the creation of a sustainable residential Precinct that supports an appropriate scale and density of development, traffic and pedestrian management, opportunities for new public open space and landscaping and other public domain improvements.

Affordable Housing Strategy The potential increase in density and associated land value uplift in the Burwood North Precinct will create the opportunity to deliver affordable housing. The Affordable Housing Strategy will identify opportunities and mechanisms for affordable housing delivery and will provide options to Council as to how these recommendations may be applied in the Burwood North Precinct.

Active Transport and Pedestrian Plan will build on the work of the Parramatta Road Precinct Transport Report prepared by Urban Growth in September 2015. It will make recommendations to ensure the delivery of pedestrian and cycle connectivity, improvement to active transport and bus connections, and address parking requirements ensure the reduction of additional private vehicle trips into and out of the Precinct.

Night time economy study and Economic strategy will build on current strengths of the Burwood Town Centre to create a diverse and vital offer that will meet the requirements of the current and future population. The study and strategy will aim to understand the economic benefits and costs of a night time economy, define the strengths of the existing day and night time economy, review the existing situation for the Burwood Town Centre with regards to existing night time activities, identify any impediments to creating a vibrant night time economy for the Burwood Town Centre and examine the impact of an increase of residents, with the development of the Burwood North Precinct, on the growth and expansion of the night time economy.

Flood Risk Assessment will determine the nature and extent of flooding in respect of both existing and proposed development in the Burwood North Precinct and identify any constraints with respect to development capacity within the Precinct.

Preliminary Site Investigations (Contamination) will assess the potential extent of contamination in the Burwood North Precinct that could potentially constrain development within the Precinct for residential and other sensitive uses.

Infrastructure/Geotechnical Report will assess the impact of any proposed development on the structural stability and operation of existing Sydney Metro and Westconnex underground infrastructure and identify potential constraints, particularly with respect to excavation for basement car parking.

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