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Burwood Council invites all entrants from the 2022 Burwood Art Prize to provide feedback on their expirence being apart of the Art Prize through the below survey:

People's Choice Award Announced

The Winner of the 2022 People's Choice Award for the Burwood Art Prize is Kathe Phang, Golden Hour, Acrylic on canvas.

This painting depicts the view from my apartment at lunchtime. While the lockdown is now over, I wanted to depict the habitual experience of the time and elements unique to Burwood that made life bearable. This view to the old terracotta rooftops, part of the historic beginnings of Burwood, is contrast against the spread of food on the table, representing the growing diverse culture that has established itself and enriched Burwood. While the setting is meant to evoke a comforting domestic atmosphere, I hope people will look outside, and ponder the future, as I did in this moment.