Help us create a new community artwork

Council has commissioned Inner West artist Georgia Draws a House to co-design with the community a new hoarding artwork for Burwood's Hoarding Artworks Program.

Council and Georgia invite the community to post photos, descriptions, names or addresses of places around the Burwood LGA that they connect too as a place of significance.

Submissions from community members will be reviewed by Council and the artist with a selected number transformed into drawings by Georgia to form Council's new hoarding artwork. Council's Hoarding Artworks Program allows for artworks to be displayed around construction site hoardings for developments throughout the LGA; allowing Council to bring colour, community and art to Burwood's streets.

Georgia draws a house

This project will inform a broader community consultation process around placemaking by showcasing the areas of the Burwood LGA that the community connects too and loves. Council is committed to understanding what places in our LGA are special, significant, well used and loved so we can better improve the ways in which we plan for the future.