At Burwood Council, we love FOGO! It offers multiple environmental and community benefits and eventually all Councils will be required to have a FOGO service, Burwood Council wants to start this process now.


Why is Burwood Council doing a FOGO trial?

Food and garden waste accounts for almost half of the waste materials in an average Burwood household red lid general waste bin. This material takes up limited landfill space and creates harmful greenhouse gases when it breaks down.

NSW Government has mandated that all Council’s adopt a FOGO service by 2030. However, Burwood Council would like to beat this target and adopt this service early given the environmental and community benefits it will offer

For those residents who have been invited to participate in the trial, using the green-lid bin for food and garden waste will turn the waste into a valuable resource instead.

What does FOGO mean?

FOGO is an acronym for Food Organics and Garden Organics. Food organics refers to all types of food waste such as those generated during meal preparation, plate scrapings and food past its use-by-date.

Garden organics (or ‘green waste’) refers to materials generated in the garden, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, pruning’s, weeds etc. So all the normal things that you might be putting in your green bin during a garden clean up.

NSW Government stance on FOGO

In June 2021, the NSW Government mandated that all councils must provide a FOGO kerbside collection service by 2030, as part of their 20-year ‘NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041.

Council’s 2022 FOGO trial is the first step in the staged implementation of this new service to all resident with the Burwood local government area.

Have your say

Click here to be directed to a secure online survey to have your say regarding Council’s current and future waste management services.Your feedback is important to assist Council’s decision-making processes and ensure an inclusive Burwood for all.

Thank you for your support and participation during this important trial.

About the Trial

What will the FOGO trial involve?

From late February, residents who have been invited to participate in the trial will be able to place all their food waste in addition to their garden waste into their current green lid bin. Not all Burwood residents will be involved yet, during in this initial trial period. But following the trial Burwood Council will be looking to adopt the service across Burwood.

How long will the trial go for?

The FOGO trial will commence in late February 2022 and will run for approximately 12 months.

How will I know if I am in the trial or not?

The FOGO trial will only include select households that have their bins collected on a Wednesday. These households will be notified by letters sent directly to their household. They will also have a resources and information pack delivered to their door to assist with the separation of food from general waste during the trial.

If you have not been notified directly by early February, your household will not be involved in the trial.

Will the FOGO and the normal garden organics material go to the same place for processing?

No. This is why residents who are not in the trial area must not put food waste in their garden organics bin.

The normal garden organics material will continue to be taken to a Veolia site in Greenacre, where it is turned into a mulch product.

The FOGO material collected from the trial areas will be taken to the Veolia Clyde Transfer Station first, where it is checked and anything that shouldn’t be in there is removed. After this, it will be sent for treatment at an advanced waste treatment facility at Woodlawn.

The product will then be used for mine site rehabilitation works at the Woodlawn mine as approved by the EPA.

What happens to be Red Bin?

During the trial period we will continue to collect the red bin on a weekly basis, along with your FOGO bin. After the trial Council will only collect your red lid bin on a fortnightly basis.