Have you say on the draft Sustainable Burwood strategy.

Sustainable Burwood is an overarching document that builds upon the outcomes arising from the existing Green Action Plan.

Sustainable Burwood provides a framework for sustainable planning, decision making and actions to achieve improved sustainability and environmental outcomes for the Burwood LGA.

Written submissions can be made by emailing council@burwood.nsw.gov.au or mailing to Burwood Council, PO Box 240, Burwood NSW 1805, by 5.00pm on Friday 17 December 2021.

Vision and Themes

The Strategy contains a vision statement reflecting future outcomes that are intended to be achieved, developed from feedback provided by the community through early consultation:

  • Towards Net Zero Emissions: This is a key aspirational target that will need to be pursued over many years
  • Increase and enhance green open space: As a growing community new green spaces are of vital importance and Council must work proactively to support this outcome
  • Early Adopter of new Sustainable Initiatives: This reflects the position that as a smaller Council there is an ability to be early adopters and pilot new sustainable initiatives.

The Strategy then proposes four ‘Big Moves’ which are identified as items that can either be implemented as immediate actions or reflect a change that would make a fundamental impact to the achievement of the Sustainable Burwood Strategy. The ‘Big Moves’ include:

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – sustainable waste management through maximising waste diversion and creation of circular economies
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint – sustainable resource and energy use through key procurement and project delivery decisions.
  • Green Infrastructure – Maximising every opportunity to create new green and public space including working collaboratively with external partners to secure delivery.
  • Community Led Participation – ensure community is informed and is included in delivering strategy.

The Strategy includes four overarching themes that will be the focus in the consideration and development of sustainable plans and projects:

  • Natural Environment: Focused on enhancing existing open spaces and implementing measures to improve water quality, particularly for receiving catchments of the Cook and Parramatta Rivers.
  • Built Future of Burwood: Recognising that community growth will generate additional development, this theme seeks to embed sustainable practices into new projects.
  • Being Connected and Resilient: Building community resilience to social, economic or environmental events that might occur in the future.

Leading Burwood: Recognising the role that Burwood Council has to play in terms of showcasing new sustainable practices and promoting their adoption across the broader community