In December 2023, the NSW Government announced a program to accelerate housing delivery in Greater Sydney, identifying Croydon as one of 31 suburbs within 400 meters of a train station subject to snap rezoning to allow 3-6 storey apartment development.

On 11 April 2024, Council was advised that Croydon would be deferred from the TOD SEPP for a period of 9 months allowing Council to undertake its own planning process with involvement with the community.

A condition of the deferral is that Council will work to identify and plan for an area close to Croydon Station (within the Burwood LGA) that can support the delivery of medium density housing.

Have your say

As we begin our investigation for future housing opportunities in Croydon, we want to hear your ideas for future growth and change in the area, including where you think we should allow new housing.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their input on the Croydon Housing Investigation Area.

When thinking about the future of Croydon, consider the following points:

  • We need to plan for future medium-high density housing within Croydon, close to the station.
  • What community infrastructure do you think should be provided to support additional housing in Croydon
  • Provide your top 3 key issues associated with new housing in the area
  • Council-led master planning will help preserve our heritage conservation areas in Croydon.

If Council does not plan for future housing in Croydon, the TOD SEPP may be applied to the Heritage Conservation Areas of Malvern Hill and Cintra Estate within 400m of Croydon Station.

Community input is one of several considerations that will help inform the nomination of the Croydon housing investigation area, including the location and availability of infrastructure and services, transport modelling and amenity.