Over two exciting stages Burwood Council will be enhancing Burwood Park through the development of a new Nature Play space and Sensory Garden and the upgrade of the existing pond.

As the historical heart of the Town Centre, Burwood Park is a key site for community activities, open space and recreation. Council is committed to further improving Burwood Park to ensure our community continue to have access to new facilities, high quality open space and opportunities for engagement.

Preliminary concept designs have been prepared to showcase general aims and outcomes for the project. Following community consultation, further design work will be undertaken before the project progresses.

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Stage 1: Nature Play and Sensory Garden

Nature Play

The nature play facility will include a range of play experiences for older children and ‘tweens’ offering opportunities for more adventurous play combined with informal recreation and social spaces.

Nature Play Principles

  • Foster awareness of outdoors
  • Promote contact with nature
  • Natural materials
  • Loose materials for creative play
  • Natural water paly
  • Use of natural site features
  • Engaging planting
  • Non-manufactured play elements

Artists Impression

Nature Play

Concept Plan

Sensory Garden

The sensory garden will offer spaces for quiet introspection to connect residents and visitors with nature and promote a positive mental outlook and general wellbeing.

Concept Plan

Sensory Garden

Concept Design Images

Concept design

Major Design Elements

major design elements 1
major design elements 2

View the proposed sensory garden sections in more detail

Both the Nature Play Space and Sensory Garden will have a strong environmental and nature based design focus, allowing for educational or community garden features to be included in the project.

Stage 2: Burwood Park Pond Upgrade

Integrated with Stage 1, the Burwood Park Pond upgrade will improve the open spaces around the pond and address the water quality and ground conditions associated with the existing water feature in an effort to develop an integrated feature that provides new areas of open space and improved opportunities to be close to the cooling and calming influence of water.

concept image
This project not only addresses the existing needs of our community but provides opportunity to respond to the demand placed upon the park by the growing residential population in Burwood, creating a new destination within the Town Centre.

Concept Plan