NSW Government Public Spaces Legacy Program

Thanks to a $5.5 million share in funding Burwood Council will deliver the Enfield Village Revitalisation Project, Grant Park Inclusive Play Space and the Burwood Park Upgrade.

With two projects already completed and open for the public to enjoy, Council is now focused on the construction progression of the Burwood Park Upgrade project which includes a Nature Play, Sensory Garden and Pond Upgrade.

Public spaces are the heart of our communities, they connect us, inspire us and make us healthier and happier. Legacy projects will shape and transform the urban fabric of our neighbourhoods leaving a real and lasting positive impact for future generations. We want future generations to be able to point to these legacy projects and appreciate how they have helped shape and change our network of public open spaces in NSW for the better.

The Burwood Park Nature Play, Sensory Garden and Pond Upgrade

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Pond Upgrade

Integrated with the Sensory Garden and Nature Play, the Burwood Park Pond upgrade will improve the open spaces around the pond and address the water quality and ground conditions associated with the existing water feature in an effort to develop open space and improved opportunities to be close to the cooling and calming influence of water.

During the construction period, Council implemented appropriate measures to avoid and/or minimise construction-related impacts on fauna habitat.

Fauna in the Burwood Park Pond have either been relocated to other appropriate locations or treated ethically in accordance with all regulatory guidelines by a specialist licensed contractor in national parks biodiversity conservation. The previous water conditions were not ideal habitats for the native wildlife and Council will continue to address any fauna brought into Burwood Park that may have been displaced them from their natural habitats after the completion of the project.

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Nature Play

The nature play facility will include a range of play experiences for older children and ‘tweens’ offering opportunities for more adventurous play combined with informal recreation and social spaces.

Nature Play Principles

  • Foster awareness of outdoors
  • Promote contact with nature
  • Natural materials
  • Loose materials for creative play
  • Natural water play
  • Use of natural site features
  • Engaging planting

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Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden will offer spaces for quiet introspection to connect residents and visitors with nature and promote a positive mental outlook and general wellbeing.

Through engaging with our senses of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound, the garden will provide an oasis of reflection and connectivity. Various heights of planting will provide inclusivity for everyone to enjoy this newly upgraded space as Burwood's first Sensory Garden.

Concept Plan

Elements of the Sensory Garden including sound, scent, touch and look
This project not only addresses the existing needs of our community but provides opportunity to respond to the demand placed upon the park by the growing residential population in Burwood, creating a new destination within the Town Centre.