In the context of Greater Sydney, Burwood has become a vibrant destination with a unique combination of residential garden neighbourhoods and progressive mixed use precincts, which service a diverse and active community that values both the vibrancy of our town centres and history of the area.

The Burwood Design Review Panel (BDRP) has been established to examine, evaluate and comment on the design aspects of development applications referred to the BDRP. This is taking into account the Design Excellence Clause contained in section 6.5 of the Burwood Local Environmental Plan.

This is to ensure that an independent design review is completed and that high quality design outcomes would be achieved by new development within the Burwood LGA. It is recognising the expected growth and expansion of Burwood and status of the Burwood Town Centre as a strategic centre.

Purpose of BDRP

The BDRP will provide independent, expert and pragmatic advice on design quality matters in relation to development and pre-development applications.

The role of the panel is advisory only. It has no delegated authority or power under any other function to determine any development application.

However, recommendations or comments provided in response to the development application presented to the BDRP will be used to inform the assessment process.

The types of applications that will be referred to the BDRP will include most new development within the Burwood or Strathfield Town Centres over 3 stories or other proposals which are likely to have a higher profile status by virtue of project scale, height or other locational factors.

A draft Terms of Reference provided in the application website.

BDRP Membership

Burwood Council is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified professionals with experience in major development within a contemporary high growth urban setting. Extensive experience and qualification in at least one of the following fields will be required:

  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture; and
  • Urban Planning

In addition, Burwood Council is seeking nominations for the role of Chairperson. The Chair will have responsibility for the conduct of meetings in a manner that ensures efficient use of BDRP meeting time, facilitation of open and fair exchange of views for all parties.

Enquire today: Please contact Dylan Porter, Director City Strategy on 9911 9850

How to Apply

Please apply via the Burwood Council website here or by visiting:

Please provide a one page CV, short covering letter and respond to the following questions:

  1. Please can you outline the qualifications and experience that make you most suitable for this role, noting core competencies and duties outline in the draft terms of reference.
  2. In the context of Burwood what is the key opportunity you see to achieve a vibrant place based outcomes for new development in the Burwood Town Centre and surrounds?
  3. If you are nominating for the role of Chairperson, please described the attributes and experience that make you suitable for this role.